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At Affirm Roofing LLC, we excel in catering to our customers with providing them a step by step guide of what to expect after you contact us for a free roof inspection. Below are all the steps from start to finish.



The first and most important step is contacting Affirm Roofing and speak to one of our Customer Service representatives. They will take your information and get you scheduled for a free roof inspection.

Climbing a Ladder



Our roofing expert will arrive on scene and knock on your door. They will ensure you know their name and their intention.  They will confirm you are the customer that scheduled an inspection. We want you to be comfortable with our team members.


Our professional will then walk your roof and take plenty of pictures, measurements and check the status of your roof.  You will be shocked that your roof may not be bad at all and just needs some repair work. Our professionals are there to take care of you, not go out for a sale.


After walking on the roof, our member will ask to climb up in your attic to check for proper insulation and ventilation.  Your roof is only as good as your ventilation.

Finally, our expert will go over their findings with you and will provide either photographic or video proof so you see exactly what they see and understand. We will check to see if this will be an insurance claim and how we can assist you with that. 


This is were you would ask our professional all the questions you want. We are here to help!



After the inspection and the breakdown of any issues or concerns, we will provide solutions. Those solutions will be the best course of action for improving your roof. Our members will create multiple estimates and will go over them with you. We require half the cost up front to secure the contract.  We will work with you whether the jobs is an insurance claim or not.

Man Writing
Switching Roofs



You the homeowner signs to have Affirm Roofing conduct work for you. This is what to expect.

Our Production Manager will contact you to inform you of the schedule.  You will be in constant communication of material orders and project start dates. 

Once the date to begin arrives, our PM will arrive and knock on your door and inform you the set up and the safety concerns for over-head work.  Protective tarps will be placed around your house to protect from falling debris as tear off begins.  

Your roof will be torn to bare deck and the new roof system will be installed, per manufacturer guidelines.  Once completed, a thorough clean up is made and the crew is off headed to the landfill.

After the installation is complete, the PM or Affirm Roofing representative will walk the work site with you. This is to ensure everything that was discussed and agreed upon is complete.

After the walk and a signed Completion Approval is made, the remaining balance will be paid to Affirm Roofing. We believe in not receiving the final payment until the agreed upon work is complete.

Now you rest easy knowing Affirm Roofing LLC has fulfilled their promise of taking care of you.

Clean Neighborhood


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